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Topcon FC-2500 field controller



Topcon FC-2500 field controllerTopcon increased the speed, storage and memory, and installed a 624MHz XScale processor in the rugged, waterproof package of the FC-2500 field controller. It is designed to speed data collection with 256MB RAM and 2GB flash storage memory. The FC-2500 also provides a 5.17 megapixel digital camera. Photos can be associated with stored TopSURV points in a special “Photo Notes” section. For every topo shot, a photo and comments can be stored to improve recall of site specifics. The FC-2500 has an add-on connection for a spread-spectrum radio for communication with Topcon’s robotic total stations. This connector used with Topcon’s RS-1 radio module provides a cable-free radio connection to Topcon robotic instruments.

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