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Topcon Positioning Systems has introduced a new generation of slope lasers.

July 01, 2008

Topcon Positioning Systems has introduced a new generation of slope lasers (the RL-100 Series) that features a new encoding system designed to provide "the highest grade repeatability (5 arc seconds) of any laser." Available in single-slope (RL-100S1) and dual-slope (RL-100S2) models, the new instruments feature a grade range up to 25 percent and an operating range of 2,500feet — capabilities, says Topcon, that make these lasers ideal for machine control. The RL-100 Series features all-electronic operation that facilitates setup, and the RL100S2 also features full remote-control operation, allowing checks of operating status and revisions to the grade from up to 1,000 feet away. Both instruments include the new Topcon laser sensor, which features 13 channels of grade information. The rechargeable battery pack provides up to 50 hours of operation.

The Smoothtrac upgrade to Topcon’s sonic averaging system (SAS) for asphalt paving is designed to facilitate installation, adjustability and expandability.

The SmoothRide vehicle-mounted resurfacing system for paving and milling projects uses a combination of the company’s core technologies, designed to deliver a smooth surface while managing the quantity of material for each project.

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