By Heather Burlingame, Senior Production Editor | September 28, 2010

Topcon robotic total stationThose contractors preferring to use total stations for topos, layout and grade staking, says Topcon, will benefit from the company's new robotic total station series, the GTS-900A and the GPT-9000A, which are designed to "expedite these routine tasks and to save time during every phase of a project." The GPT-9000A is designed to provide reflectorless measurement up to 2,000 meters (more than 6,500 feet) and can, according to the company, easily focus on small objects, such as power lines. The onboard computer uses a full-color touch screen display, and faster servo-motor technology improves productivity. The GTS-900A series reflector-only instruments are available with the same system components. Both new series use Topcon's FC-200 field controller, which employs a 520 MHz Intel X-Scale processor and Windows Mobile 4.2 operating system, and the company's RD Tracking System.