Top 100: Skid-Steer Competitor

September 28, 2010

ASV RC-50 compact track loaderTargeted directly at skid-steer loaders, ASV's RC-50 All Surface Loader has a technologically advanced rubber-tracked undercarriage that allows it to perform well on all surfaces, from pavement to dirt to mud. R-Series Traction and Support System undercarriage achieves power, traction and stability by transferring weight efficiently to the ground, exerting only 2.7 psi. An internal positive drive system includes a drive sprocket elevated to help keep it away from ground debris. The distance between the drive sprocket and the opposing wheels at each end of the track remains constant, allowing the track to remain properly tensioned while the suspension is at work. All wheel bearings are sealed to eliminate greasing. Estimated price: $29,000.