Top 100: Refined, Quieter Cabs

September 28, 2010

TerexThe Generation-7 Series articulated trucks offers three models—the TA25, TA27 and TA30—with heaped capacities of 17.6, 20.3 and 22.9 cubic yards, respectively. All feature Cummins engines, and all have refined transmissions that more precisely manage hydraulic engagement. Automatic limited slip differentials in each axle provide excellent traction. New heavy-duty frames add strength to the trucks, and dual-caliper brakes add stopping power. Refined, quieter cabs offer greater operator comfort. Serviceability enhancements include 500-hour engine-oil changes and a tilting cab for ground-level access. Estimated list prices, respectively: $162,000, $167,000 and $193,000.