Top 100: Reduces Need for Training

September 28, 2010

Ditch WitchDitch Witch now offers a range of compact earthmoving machines, including the walk-behind SK500 mini-skid-steer loader that was designed from the ground up. The machine features an intuitive operator interface, which decreases the need for operator training and makes the machine an ideal choice for renting. A pilot control valve for ground drive provides highly responsive steering, with little or no vibration transferred to the control handles. Independent dual-hydrostatic ground drives are efficient and controllable, which increases production. The machine's 12-gpm hydraulic flow comes from two gear pumps for attachment control. One is a 4-gpm pump that controls the lift and tilt of the attachment. The other is an 8-gpm pump, which drives any attachment that requires hydraulics. Estimated list price: $16,500.