Top 100: Powered-Up 300-Amp Gas and Diesel Pair

September 28, 2010

Lincoln Electric's Ranger 305 GLincoln Electric's Ranger 305 G (gas) and 305 D (diesel) welders are 300-amp DC multiprocess machines for welding with stick, TIG, cored-wire, and MIG, and for arc gouging with carbons up to 3/16 inch in diameter. Enhanced Downhill Pipe welding mode makes for faster travel speeds, especially on fill passes. Arc control allows the arc to be adjusted from buttery soft to a more forceful, digging arc. The new voltage-sensing system in Touch-Start TIG mode cuts off the arc when the torch is lifted at the end of the weld. Dual digital weld-output meters allow operators to preset weld amps or voltage. Twelve-gallon fuel capacity allows users to run 20 percent longer between refueling than with the nearest competitive welder, Lincoln says. Estimated list price: $4,423 to $8,126.

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