Top 100: Plunge Cuts to 12 Inches

September 28, 2010

613GCICS, Blount's 613GC gas concrete saw is a new model that competes against conventional circular-blade cut-off saws. It can plunge cut to 12 inches and cuts square corners with no over-cut in material as thick as 10 inches. The saw weighs 21 pounds, including bar and chain, and is powered by an 80cc, 5.7-hp, 2-cycle engine. An advanced air-filtration system is designed for wet-cutting aggregate materials. For reliability, the saw features air filter water seal system, prelubricated starter pawls, and no-kink water inlet hose. On hard aggregates and steel, the saw cuts 15 to 25 square inches per minute. Estimated list price: $1,495.