Top 100: Hauler Burns 40 Percent Less Fuel

September 28, 2010

Multidrive M8-40 haul truckThe 40-ton Multidrive M8-40 haul truck is all-wheel drive and articulated, with rear axles mounted on a self-steering bogie. Unloaded, the truck will run 50 mph on the road. It is just a 1/2 inch too wide to be street legal. At the heart of the unit is a no-tip Multi-Load Ejector Body. A heavy-duty Dupont belt conveys the load out of the body, and the headboard sweeps the box sides clean. The belt will unload the unit as it’s moving (the load’s center of gravity never changes) in forward or reverse, which helps compact the load as it is placed. A 450-hp Cat C15 engine is mated to a fully automatic Allison 6-speed transmission and 2-speed drop box. The company says it burns about 40 percent less fuel than conventional vehicles. Estimated price: $400,000.