Lytx Adds Video Retrieval Feature

June 18, 2020

Users of Lytx telematics programs are able to search and download video clips with new search features. Video Browse and Map Search features allow users to self-service, locate, and immediately download video clips, the company says, reducing the time and resources required to locate clips. The features are available at no additional charge.

“These video-search features are significant advancements that enable fleets to take further advantage of their Lytx programs,” said Jim Brady, VP of product management, in a prepared statement. “The features address common pain points by allowing fleets to more efficiently self-service in a number of scenarios, rather than toggling between programs or relying on their provider to locate and fetch clips.”

Video Browse, available within Fleet Tracking Service, integrates available telematics—plus links to video—directly into the Fleet Tracking map, enabling equipment managers to more quickly understand what is happening in their fleets, according to Lytx. Users can browse video from a specific vehicle’s driving history directly from the Fleet Tracking map, so they can quickly secure, trim, and transfer the video they need.

Map Search, available on the Lytx Video Platform, allows users to self-locate video using only an address or point of interest and general time frame, making it easier to respond to claims, verify service, or pinpoint an incident. It allows searches with only an approximate location of where and when an incident occurred as a starting point, even if the vehicle is unknown. After entering a general location and time frame in their Lytx Account, users are shown all available vehicle data within a search radius during the given period. Users can then select a vehicle within their fleet and access video from its on-board DriveCam Event Recorder on the spot.

Both features enable access to video in near real-time, allowing fleet operations and safety managers and business owners to corroborate, in a matter of minutes, driver, customer, or pedestrian claims. Examples could be a call that a driver damaged property; missed a delivery drop-off or pick-up; failed to perform a service; or was involved in a hit-and-run. The result is significant time-savings, fewer disruptions to business, and timelier customer service, according to Lytx.

Ozark Motors lines is a Lytx client.

“With around 800 vehicles, manually sifting through video footage from our event recorders isn't feasible,” said Patrick Landreth, VP of safety and human resources, in a statement. “Compared to past providers, Lytx takes care of the heavy lifting, monitoring driving with its built-in analytics so we can respond quickly, protect our drivers, focus on driver coaching and maintain Ozark's strong brand reputation for safety and service.

“We love being able to see the thumbnails of video right in the Fleet Tracking map,” he said. “When we are working in that program, it's easy to just click on a trail point and go directly to the Video Platform where we can view it and see, for example, why someone was idling. We can even immediately download and save the videos ourselves if we need them.”

Source: Lytx