Top 100: Hammers Simplify Servicing

September 28, 2010

Allied Construction ProductsAllied Construction Products offers two new attachments: inSeries and mSeries hammers. inSeries hammers feature a trapezoidal tool that comes with a lifetime warranty against breakage. Greasing isn't necessary. The hammers do not contain tie-rods, tie-bolts or side-bolts. The mounting bracket combines two brackets into one. Instead of a steel construction, Allied uses a composite, wear-resistant material for the tool bushing. Four models are available, ranging in working weight from 152 to 453 pounds. Blows per minute range from 1,800 to 2,100. Estimated list price: $5,100 to $9,225.

Like the inSeries, mSeries hammers do not contain tie-rods or tie-bolts. The RamData Service Indicator system tells the operator when to service the hammer and stores service and working history. A modular design allows each of the three modules to be overhauled separately. Adjustable impact energy matches working conditions, and Ramlube provides continuous greasing to both bushings. Two models are available, with blows per minute from 800 to 1,000. Estimated list price: $61,000 to $71,000.