Top 100: GlobalTRACS Gathers Machine Status Wirelessly

September 28, 2010

Qualcomm's GlobalTRACS Like a cell phone for your bulldozer, Qualcomm's GlobalTRACS equips machines with wireless hardware that monitors equipment operating status and phones that data into your management system. The information is accessible through the Internet, or it can be routed directly to your business software. GlobalTRACS tracks engine hours and location, improving the accuracy of that data to make it possible to determine real-world operating costs for machines. It can also be used to schedule preventive maintenance and dispatch field service people. Qualcomm claims GlobalTRACS is the first fully integrated wireless data solution for the construction industry. Qualcomm developed CDMA technology for wireless data transmission. Ruggedized GlobalTRACS hardware communicates messages through Qualcomm's Network Operations Center, which processes more than nine million data transactions each day. Estimated list price: $895, not including an additional monthly charge.