Top 100: Drill Automatics Optimize Performance

September 28, 2010

Ingersoll-RandIngersoll Rand replaced the 690 with the 700 Series Crawler Drills with Tier II-compliant engines and higher-performance air compressors to improve cuttings removal. First in the line is the ECM-720, designed for drill depths to 102 feet. The new HC-200A drifter has a redesigned energy wave that helps reduce friction. The trapezoidal piston, powered by a 365-hp engine, delivers maximum impact energy to the rock. Strata-Sense drilling automatics optimize hole straightness, accessory life, and total drilling speed. All 700 Series drilling functions are hydraulically monitored and adjusted. IR claims its Montabert Drilling Automatics make the 700 Series capable of better penetration rates than competitors. Estimated list price: $528,000.