Top 100: Controls A/C Clutch To Stretch Compressor Life

September 28, 2010

Index SensorsThe ACX-10 Air Conditioning Life Extender from Index Sensors monitors air-conditioning (A/C) refrigerant pressure and clutch voltage and prevents the compressor from operating in self-destructive conditions. Both high and low refrigerant pressure can force the compressor clutch to cycle on and off rapidly, causing premature wear to the compressor, compressor clutch, and hoses. When refrigerant pressure swings high or low, the ACX-10 prevents rapid clutch cycling by fixing each on/off cycle at 15 seconds. It can cut cycle frequency by as much as 80 percent. When the unit detects improper voltage, it disengages the A/C clutch until voltage returns to normal. It also extends starter motor and battery life by delaying A/C-clutch engagement for 15 seconds after ignition. The units retrofit on most heavy trucks and equipment. Estimated list price: $100 to $150.

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