Top 100: Compressor Powers Up Gouging

September 28, 2010

Miller ElectricMiller Electric pumped up the power of its Big Blue Air Pak welder/generator/air compressor combo, replacing a 40-hp Deutz used in previous Air Paks with a 65-hp Deutz 2011. Former models used one of the engine's cylinders as an air compressor, but the new Air Pak has Ingersoll Rand's CE55 G1, rotary-screw compressor under the hood. The belt-driven compressor pumps 35 cubic feet of air per minute compressed to 100 psi. Coupled with the 750-amp Big Blue welder—with a continuous-duty range increased 100 amps to 500 amps—the new Air Pak can carbon-arc gouge with a ½-inch-diameter carbon at high altitudes. The deluxe model features an AC/DC polarity switch for AC TIG or stick welding, 12- and 24-volt battery charging or jump starting, and 20,000 watts of three-phase or 12,000 watts of single-phase generator power. Estimated list price: $22,049 to $23,566.

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