Top 100: Check Pushrod Stroke at a Glance

September 28, 2010

Visual Brake Stroke IndicatorsBrakeSentry Visual Brake Stroke Indicators seal air-brake chambers and clearly indicate to drivers the length of brake-pushrod stroke. The simple, versatile tool mounts on the brake chamber to provide a visual reference point so operators can measure stroke at a glance in ¼-inch increments through the legally allowed stroke of the pushrod. Waste Industries USA, a solid-waste services company in the southeast, is fitting its entire fleet with them. "BrakeSentry is easy to install, requires no maintenance, and by eliminating many time-consuming procedures, adds real value to the maintenance and pre-trip safety inspections of all our vehicles equipped with air brakes," says David Peck, corporate fleet manager. "The return on investment is the best I have seen." Estimated list price: $14.95 per axle.

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