TOLCO Introduces the "Ultra" Clevis Hanger

Staff | September 28, 2010

TOLCO introduces the "Ultra" clevis hanger for use in the suspension of mechanical piping systems. TOLCO’s Figure 1U features a snap-open and snap-close design making it faster and easier to install piping than conventional hangers.

The specially designed clevis bottom serves two purposes: It locks in place to prevent swinging while it supports the pipe’s weight while the hanger is in the open position. The design includes flared edges to ease installation for all pipe types and to protect CPVC pipe from abrasion. In addition, the strong light-weight construction will provide a less costly option than standard heavier clevis hangers.

The Figure 1U is constructed of carbon steel and conforms to Manufacturers Standardization Society SP-58, Type 1. It is available in 6 models to accommodate pipe sizes ranging from ½" through 4". These include:

Size ½" through 1"

Size 1 ¼" through 2"

Size 2 ½"

Size 3"

Size 3 ½"

Size 4"

For more information, contact TOLCO’s Customer Service Department at 800-786-5266.