TMT ServiceConnect Links Fleets to Service Locations

March 18, 2019

The Trimble TMT ServiceConnect module connects fleet shops using TMT Fleet Maintenance to more than 4,500 medium- and heavy-duty service locations, including many OEM dealers, throughout North America.

The module is powered by Decisiv Service Relationship Management technology and provides more seamless collaboration between fleets and heavy-duty repair shops, according to Trimble. Fleets managers can schedule repair and maintenance activities; track service status; record service, parts replaced and labor; and create invoices for the service performed.

They can see the status of all equipment being worked on across service locations within the new module, and it enables fleet shops to communicate directly with all service providers across their networks to schedule and approve repair work to be completed.

“Over the last two years, we have been laser focused to deliver innovation for fleets to improve equipment utilization,” said Scott Vanselous, general manager, Asset Management Software (AMS) for Trimble Transportation Enterprise, in a prepared statement. “The combination of the new TMT ServiceConnect module and our fault code prediction capabilities provide fleet operations managers the ability to make more informed and faster service and repair decisions to minimize or even eliminate potential downtime.”

Dick Hyatt, president/CEO, Decisiv, said in a statement:

“With TMT ServiceConnect, fleet users of TMT software from Trimble will drive asset utilization and performance through better communication and collaboration during service events. Through a more seamless connection to a network of service providers and a shared understanding of the repair status of every asset in every location, the new module brings added value to Trimble customers and expands our growing service ecosystem.”

Source: Trimble

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