Titan Wheel ACT Wheel

April 27, 2011

Titan Wheel Accelerated Change Technology (ACT) wheel is designed to allow a service technician to change or rotate the rear tires on a mine haul truck in a fraction of the time. Designed for use on the outside rear wheel position, it allows the technician to rotate or change the inside tire without having to take off the outside rim. Two-piece lock rings release the tire assembly from the wheel. A double-lock system stops rotation of the side flange, which prevents expulsion of the flange and helps control tire slippage. The back and bead incorporates a full 360-degree pry-bar pocket that aids service personnel in demounting the tire from the wheel. Service technicians don’t need to handle the outside wheel, the use of impact wrenches is reduced. ACT wheels are compatible with every size and brand of mining tires on the market, and are available for every haul truck make and model.