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Titan Low Sidewall Tires


Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Titan Tire has significantly expanded its OTR (off-the-road) product line, which now includes Low Sidewall (LSW) options for light-, medium- and heavy-duty wheel loaders, as well as for articulated dump trucks. LSW tires feature a larger rim diameter and smaller sidewall than standard tires, a design feature, says Titan, which improves equipment stability and performance.

“The LSW design is a fundamental shift in the way tire and wheel assemblies are built for construction equipment,” says Johni Francis, Titan’s OTR product manager, “but we feel strongly that this is the way the industry should be moving. The trend toward larger buckets and more powerful equipment has necessitated a departure from standard tire design.”

The lower profile and increased wheel size of the LSW design, says the company, improves stability and reduces recoil and bouncing, which result in less material spillage, a smoother ride in rough terrain, increased lateral stability in curves, and improved breakout force.

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