Thern Atlas Winch

September 28, 2010

Thern’s Series 4WP2T8 Atlas winches are suitable for use as portable electric utility winches due to their lightweight cast aluminum construction. They can be moved between locations quickly and easily as needed. The Atlas is capable of lifting and pulling steel frames up to 2000 lbs and lifting tools and equipment to elevated positions.

The Atlas Winch has a first layer specified load capacity of 2000 lbs and a full drum capacity of 800 lbs, and is able to handle most small to medium sized loads. An internal mechanical brake provides positive load control during lifting operations. The continuous duty motor provides fixed line speeds that do not vary with load weight. Line speeds are 8 fpm on the first drum layer, and 19 fpm at full drum. Direct drive units with higher line speeds are also available as standard. The Atlas has a full drum wire rope capacity of 280 feet.

The Atlas Winch is fully portable with handles built onto the drum frame. The unit’s design allows for floor, wall and ceiling mount configuration. The Atlas has a 115 volt, single phase motor and grounded plug and is operated using a push-button pendant control. The Atlas can be equipped with an emergency hand crank, facilitating manual operation when electricity fails or is not available.