Terex® TXH Series Hydraulic Hammers

Staff | September 28, 2010

Built for complete compatibility with Terex compact excavators and loader backhoes, every hammer in the TXH Series is vibra-silenced, via the polymer suspension pad, to reduce total operator and carrier machine vibration exposure in compliance with the latest standards in operator safety and comfort.

TXH hammers' high-blow energy is constant throughout the engine rev range, has a low susceptibility to back pressure, are engineered to guarantee lower sound power levels, and the entire hydraulic hammer system is easily maintained through a single-point greasing system. Its one-piece box design does not use cross-bolts, allowing the hammer to work in a narrower trench or close quarters without concern that the hammer could get hung up.

The TXH Series hammers include the TXH350S, TXH400S, TXH700S, TXH1100S and the TXH1400S. The Terex range of hammers offer 251 foot-pounds to 1,033 foot-pounds of maximum energy-per-blow and 450 to 950 to 550 to 1,100 blows-per-minute.