TerexASV PT-30 Compact Track Loader

September 28, 2010
TerexASV PT-30 Compact Track Loader

TerexASV announces release of package that includes a trailer with five attachments and a TerexASV PT-30 compact track loader – the smallest loader in the line. The standard package includes a dirt bucket, pallet forks, land plane, trencher, and auger drive with 9-, 18-, and 24-inch bits. Custom built for Terex, the 74-inch-wide trailer has a 14-foot-long deck and can haul up to 9,980 pounds. All the attachments are conveniently located on standard mounts, and can be removed and replaced by one person. Other optional attachment holders can be added for extra storage space and transport. Loading and unloading the trailer is facilitated by low-angle ramps.