Terex RD7000 Transit Mixer

September 28, 2010

The seven-axle Terex RD7000 rear-discharge transit mixer features a 29-foot outer-bridge length with six axles under the rear fender. The new truck, says Terex, can deliver an 11-cubic-yard payload (based on 4,000 pounds per cubic yard of concrete) or a gross permissible weight of 76,820 pounds. This new transit mixer, says the manufacturer, meets Federal bridge standards of 77,000 pounds at 29 feet without the need for a trailer axle. The RD7000, which combines a 12-cubic-yard drum with a Sterling LT9500 chassis, has a low-profile design that yields a lower center of gravity, resulting, says Terex, in enhanced traction and stability on site. The mixer drum’s 42-inch opening is designed to deliver efficient discharge of a wide variety of mixes. Standard equipment for the RD7000 includes a certified-pressure-vessel (120 psi) water tank, drum-wiper system that keeps concrete away from drum rollers and aluminum rear fenders. A four-point attachment with spring-loaded pedestal mounts allows the mixer mounting brackets to flex when driving over irregular terrain.