Terex Fluid Analysis Program

Staff | September 28, 2010

The new Terex® Managed Maintenance Fluid Analysis program is a one-stop shop for receiving accurate, repeatable and traceable results. Fluid testing is performed in an ISO 17025 A2LA-accredited lab. The analysis results provide a picture of fluid contamination as well as the internal condition of a component or system, so minor issues can be found and corrected before they become major problems.

"There are literally hundreds of indicators that our fluid analysis program can use to detect potential problems," says George Wisner, customer service manager — troubleshooting, field service for mobile products. "High silica, for instance, indicates a filtering inlet issue, and iron particles in the fluid can be a gauge of bearing or gear wear."

Tracking the results — made available after the analysis is performed — is achieved by logging onto the website and clicking on the "Managed Maintenance" tab. Customers then log into the Terex Horizon™ Reports to obtain analysis results. The Horizon online reporting software offers the ability to build an archive of previously run analyses in order to track diagnostic trends.