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Terex E275P Asphalt Plant

Terex E275 asphalt plant is designed for rapid set-up and tear-down.

December 01, 2008


Terex E275 asphalt plant

Terex E275 asphalt plant is designed for rapid set-up and tear-down, “dramatically” reducing the time it takes to move the plant compared with other portable plants, the company says. The full base plant configuration can be moved in five loads. The drum is pitched at operating angle on its triple-axle chassis with all ductwork preinstalled, so producers can drop the landing pad and be ready to go. The plant produces 275 tons in an hour. Self-contained drum measures 84 inches in diameter and 39 feet 5 inches in length. Hauck 96.8 million Btu SJ520 or 100 million Btu ESII burner are available. Estimated list price: $2 million, depending on configuration.

other Terex Roadbuilding products

Terex foamed asphalt system allows producers to mix water and hot liquid asphalt (AC) in the exclusive expansion chamber.

Paving bridge widths of 200 feet is no longer impossible with the Bid-Well 4800 automatic roller paver from Terex Roadbuilding, the company says. Truss frame and gussets are manufactured with a proprietary high-strength, low-weight steel that does not add weight to the machine. When paving beyond 150 feet, the new frame allows for configurations exceeding 200 feet.

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