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Terex AL5 Light Tower with Vertical Mast Option


Light Towers, Portable Light Plants

The Terex AL5 light tower with optional vertical mast provides 350-degree rotation, and users can rotate the mast’s four quick disconnect lights in either the raised or stowed position.

An electric winch raises the mast, and an electric rather than hydraulic design means there is no worry about spill containment, the company says. With one switch next to the control panel, the winch lifts and lowers the lights in 30 seconds. The traditional AL5 light tower with lay-down mast is still available and offers a standard heavy-duty galvanized 30-foot mast. Both configurations offer galvanized outriggers, control box and ballasts to combat rust and corrosion. The heavy tubular steel chassis and a 3,500-pound axle aid towing on rough roads.

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