Terex Aerial Work Platforms Upgraded Battery

September 28, 2010

To improve battery life, Terex Aerial Work Platforms upgraded the battery charger for its Genie-branded slab scissor lift aerial work platforms GS-30, GS-32 and the GS-46 Series. The receptacle on the scissor was relocated from the side to the rear (except on scissors for the Australian market) to make it less susceptible to damage. Optimum battery life, specifically for Genie slab scissors models, was identified working closely with the supplier. An A/C power indicator was added. The charger also offers better diagnostic capabilities. The new charger is also available to order from Genie. Rear charger cord kits for existing scissor lifts will be sold separately. The new charger will soon be introduced for the GR, GRC-12, QuickStock Lift, TZ-34 and the TZ-50.