Staff | September 28, 2010

Terex site dumperUsed for years in Europe, Terex PT2000, PT3000 and PT4000H site dumpers are now available in North America to move dirt, clay, sand, stone, concrete, fertilizer and other materials where a dump truck won’t fit. The four-wheel-drive site dumpers are designed to be nimble on rough terrain, with articulated steering controlled by a single joystick. The 33-hp PT2000 and 43.2-hp PT3000 deliver Kubota power through manual transmissions to haul 4,409 pounds and 6,615 pounds of payload, respectively. The PT4000H is powered by a Yanmar 39-hp diesel through a hydrostatic transmission. It will haul 3.22 heaped cubic yards, with payload capacity of 8,820 pounds.