Temp-A-Start Automatic Engine Starter

September 28, 2010

Temp-A-Start automatically keeps engines ready to run at extreme temperatures

Temp-A-Start automatically starts and stops an engine to keep it warmed up and batteries charged. The patented system's sensors measure block temperature, battery charge and ambient temperature (cab temperature is an option). The operator can switch the system on when the ignition is on, turn the ignition off, pull the key, and walk away. Temp-A-Start automatically starts the engine if block temperature drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If the transmission is shifted into gear with no key in the ignition, Temp-A-Start shuts down the engine. The system runs the engine until it reaches a preset target block temperature, then turns the engine off. If battery voltage drops below a preset level it starts and runs the engine until the batteries recharge. Estimated list price: $1,945 to $2,300.