Telogis Fleet 9 Fleet-Management Software

October 18, 2011
Telogis Fleet 9 Fleet-Management Software

Telogis Fleet 9 fleet-management software lets owners track and manage real-time work orders, monitor strategic and actual vehicle routing, and keep an eye on equipment location and use. Managers can build ad hoc real-time reports based on data defined by their specific parameters and organize their data in a way that is the most logical for their company. The Telogis Terminology module lets the manager rename general key terms and replace them with customized words and phrases used in their company’s internal nomenclature. Managers can also use Fleet 9 layer system to locate things such as power poles, gas and water lines, and land use grids, and integrate them into their GIS mapping system.

The InSight feature lets the user create unique alerts based on the almost all the data the Fleet 9 system collects. For example, when a vehicle’s windshield wipers are turned on, an alert can be sent to the fleet manager telling him it is currently raining at that vehicle’s location. Similarly, the Telogis Asset feature lets users view all or specific equipment in real time to track use, location and security. Reports using all or just some of the data collected can be pulled immediately. Temporary report and monitoring configurations can be set up for situations such as storms or disaster management. Telogis uses cloud technology for its programs and collected data, which has redundant power and security backups to ensures the Fleet 9 user immediate access to their information Cloud technology also frees up the user’s network capacity and data transmission costs.

Tim Taylor, Telogis’ CSO, says the Fleet 9 system gives fleet owners the opportunity to identify and monitor all their equipment brands in the company’s fleet. “Our customers create a custom dashboard that displays data that is important to their company, in terminology that matches communications used throughout all of their departments. Contractors with mixed-use equipment can install the Telogis Fleet 9 system on any manufacturer’s machine and create instant compatibility with the rest of the fleet.”