Epiroc Releases Fleet Management App

Nov. 1, 2019

Epiroc My Epiroc digital fleet-management platform is a web- and mobile-application that helps users keep track of equipment productivity.

“My Epiroc was designed to include all roles that are involved in getting the job done and share smart solutions based on each user’s role,” said Hans Schill, U.S. regional application center manager, in a prepared statement. “The platform also exposes faults and bottlenecks to allow for optimization and increased efficiency.”

Users can access remote guided support, find contacts, or see a transparent overview of all previously reported inquiries. They can manage tasks and actions related to the fleet and receive the input needed in order to prepare for reporting. Data is securely stored in an encrypted cloud environment, which customers can also utilize to upload their own relevant content to create a safe digital fleet library over time.

My Epiroc It is not limited to only people in an office or users with good connectivity. This makes it possible to empower operators and service technicians in the field with tools to manage their daily flows related to logging events, reporting faults, managing service scheduling, and parts ordering.

“My Epiroc is an excellent collaboration platform for both customers and Epiroc partners,” Schill said. “It puts focus on the information that is important for users when they need it.”

Mobile applications are available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Source: Epiroc