Hilltip StrikeSmart Plus Controller

May 9, 2024
The 8.7-inch touchscreen system recommends and spreads materials for ice management.

The Hilltip StrikeSmart Plus controller is a system that monitors real-time weather forecasts and surface conditions and then recommends the ideal materials and spread rates for ice management.

The 8.7-inch touchscreen works in conjunction with Hilltip’s TempStriker sensor, which enables monitoring variables like temperature, humidity and surface conditions. 

The system analyzes the combined data and recommends the appropriate application rate for the job according to current and forecasted conditions. It can also suggest the most effective materials to use, such as granular salt, sand, pre-wetted salt or liquid brine.

If the recommended rates are accepted, the spreader and/or sprayer will automatically adjust its settings according to vehicle speed to achieve the target rate across the property being managed. As a result, drivers can focus on safe driving without the distraction of modifying equipment settings, according to the company.