Trimble TDL450B Radio

Feb. 16, 2024
Radio is capable of broadcasting, repeating and receiving real-time data.

The Trimble TDL450B radio is an external 450 MHz radio that offers multiple configuration options and Bluetooth connectivity.

The TDL450B radio is capable of broadcasting, repeating, and receiving real‑time data used by Trimble GNSS receivers. Its compact size allows it to be mounted on the same tripod as the receiver or on its own tripod. The IP67 housing also makes it compatible for a permanent T-bar installation at the site office. 

As a transmitter, the TDL450B radio broadcasts corrections to compatible devices. The network coverage can be enhanced by the use of one or two repeaters. As a repeater, the TDL450B enables users to reach challenging GNSS locations due to its range and coverage around obstacles. 

The user interface streamlines field configuration and troubleshooting to ensure productivity. For longer baselines, users can increase the output power; when the work area is smaller, a lower-power output extends battery life.