EarthCam Solstice jobsite camera solutions series

Sept. 26, 2023
Four new cameras offer continuous job site monitoring.

The EarthCam Solstice job site camera series provides a solution for eco-friendly, solar-powered monitoring and time-lapse documentation.

Solstice Series cameras deliver high-quality, live-streaming video, AI-powered end-to-end analytics, 500 megapixel panoramas, 4K time-lapse movies and continuous security recording.

Rapid-charging battery technology and low power consumption make it possible to live stream, archive and create time-lapse video in a significantly smaller footprint utilizing a single solar panel. 

New cameras in the Solstice series include: 

  • CinemaCam User-controllable robotic live streaming camera which continuously generates cinematic 8K panoramas for epic time-lapse

  • SolsticeCam 4K Multi-tasking 4K camera for high-quality live streaming, AI-edited time-lapse and fully encrypted end-to-end recording

  • AlertCam AI object detection, security analytics and continuous security video recording

  • Perimeter Alert System Compact, two camera, live security monitoring with intrusion detection, strobe, siren and advanced AI analytics

Security systems utilize EarthCam’s Central Station Monitoring, where trained professionals verify each security incident, assess the risk and dispatch law enforcement as necessary. 

The series is made with recycled materials to reduce environmental impact, according to the company. 

An autonomous, solar-powered, mobile trailer platform is an available option for all cameras.