Aperia Technologies Halo Connect 2.0 Tire Management System

May 13, 2022

Halo Connect 2.0 is the latest evolution in Aperia's comprehensive tire management platform.

It is a cradle-to-grave connected tire management platform that allows fleets to virtually eliminate unplanned tire-related downtime, reduce tire costs per mile, and engender driver confidence by pairing machine learning with active inflation, the company says. A proprietary tire analytics engine uses machine learning to characterize the many interrelated and competing variables that affect and inform tire-related maintenance and strategic decisions, enabling fleets to shift from a reactive tire service model to confidently executing a proactive service model that optimizes uptime and tire maintenance cost. First introduced in 2019, Halo Connect works in tandem with Halo Tire Inflator, an automatic tire inflation system for trucks and trailers.

The platform is compatible with all vehicle makes and models, and is available through major OEMs, a network of partners, and directly from Aperia. With the Halo Connect Plan, Halo Connect 2.0 can be purchased as an asset or as a subscription service.