Cardo Crew Comm-Set Communication System

Feb. 19, 2022

Cardo Crew Comm-Set is a noise protection communication solution that increases productivity and safety by enabling work crews to stay connected in noisy and hazardous environments.

Powered by Cardo’s mesh intercom technology, Dynamic Mesh Communications (DMC), Comm-Set can be white-labeled by PPE manufacturers and provide distributors with team communications technology. Comm-Set helps is designed to keep boots-on-the-ground teams protected and connected while they work in hazardous environments or remote work sites like construction areas, tree services/forestry, utilities/public works, and industrial manufacturing. In addition to connecting anywhere from 2 to 15 users via wireless mesh technology within a 2-mile range, the hands-free Comm-Set provides situational awareness and is equipped with a plug to easily connect 2-way radios.