Hiber HiberEasypulse Fleet Monitoring System

Jan. 7, 2022

IoT-as-a-Service scale-up Hiber has launched a new version of its satellite-based HiberEasypulse fleet monitoring system that enables the tracking and analysis of heavy industrial vehicles and machinery.

Developed primarily for the mining, construction, agriculture, and forestry sectors, this updated version includes new CANbus capabilities that deliver more detailed data from heavy vehicles in the field. HiberEasypulse can connect to any vehicle with a CAN port and share data on a dashboard and third-party telematics services via APIs, enabling operators to manage a mixture of brands and models in a single system. The system can also provide production insights, such as the quantity of material mined during a cycle. Data are summarized in a scorecard and a ranking system, highlighting asset performance trends, and providing actionable insight into vehicles that require particular attention.