AI Bot Flattens Concrete Floors

Nov. 16, 2020
Hyundai Engineering has introduced an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered robot that can flatten concrete floors. The company said on November 11 that the robot can perform the work without additional manipulation by workers. It has applied for a patent regarding the robot. 

The AI-powered robot, which was developed in collaboration with Robo Block Systems, levels a concrete floor by rotating the two motors equipped with four plastering blades. The robot precisely measures a floor with its 3D scanner and collects geographical information, accurately identifying areas that require flattening. If the smoothness of the floor does not meet the standard level, related information is transmitted to the AI robot that can automatically perform concrete plastering work without he need for an operator's intervention. 

Compared to current equipment, the robot is much lighter and has greater usability, the company says. Its electric motor also makes less noise and is more eco-friendly than conventional gasoline motors.

According to the article, the robot will help improve construction quality and productivity by slashing construction costs and shortening construction periods.