[VIDEO] China 3D Prints Isolation Pods to Slow COVID Spread

March 23, 2020

Shanghai-based 3D printing company WinSun is marketing 3D printed, while-you-wait isolation pods for hospitals struggling to contain patients with Covid-19. The pods are created, and installed inside hospitals throughout China.

How Quickly Are COVID-19 Pods Printed?

According to Global Construction Review, each “isolation house” can be printed in two hours. One printing machine can produce 15 rooms a day costing $4,000 a piece, according to Winsun chairman Ma Yihe. 

Each 9-foot-high pod has two beds and an “ecological toilet” that flushes without water and uses bacteria to break down waste. These buildings have been hailed as an “ideal temporary measure to slow the spread of the pandemic," as printed small buildings can easily be moved from place-to-place via truck or crane. 

How Can COVID-19 Hospital Workers Benefit?

Companies in China have also rolled out miniature isolation pods for hospital workers and those taking refuge from the spread of Covid-19. According to Euro News, the tiny homes have been 3D printed by Winsun 3D, which has donated more than 200 pods and 15 larger wards to prevent the spread of diseases. 

Source: Global Construction Review & Euro News