[VIDEO] Const. Game Helps Recruit Workers

Feb. 19, 2020

A Pittsburgh-based educational app developer, Simcoach, has created gaming apps that help recruit potential construction hires. The games encourage continued usage by offering prizes and rewards for advancing through gameplay challenges. According to the article, the games help construction managers capitalize on the younger generations’ interest in mobile games.  

An article in Archinet highlights games such as Harness Hero, which represent examples of Simcoach’s approach to aiding in the training and recruitment processing through gameplay. If players do well, they earn badges, which can lead to a certification that helps them find an apprenticeship. 

Dig In: An Excavator Game and Dig In: A Dozer Game also put players in the seats of heavy equipment at attempt challenging tasks and levels. Players move dirt and rocks, dig and fill holes, all while trying to work efficiently and avoid causing damage. As players progress through each game, they receive messages connecting them to real-life construction apprenticeships. 

The apps are available for free via the iOS app store, Amazon Appstore, and Google Play Store. 

Source: Archinet & Simcoach