[VIDEO] New 4-Legged Robot Rivals ‘Spot’

Feb. 18, 2020

Robotics company Ghost Robotics and 3D printing company Origin are ensuring four-legged robots, like the dog-inspired Spot robot, are more affordable within the construction industry. According to an article in Digital Trends, the two companies have teamed up to develop a new line of robots called the Spirit Series. These robots can be printed using additive manufacturing at a fraction of the cost and speed of traditional approaches, the article says.

In the second quarter of 2020, Ghost Robotics hopes to offer the 3D-printed robots in areas ranging from manufacturing to mining. According to the article, the finished pieces are comparable in quality to their CNC machined predecessors. 

“They will roam manufacturing plants looking for anomalies [and] safety issues; scan work progress on construction sites; secure perimeters of airports and other high-value locations, and so on,” says Jiren Parikh, Ghost Robotics CEO.

Source: Digital Trends