AI Technology Predicts Jobsite Accidents

July 19, 2019

Suffolk and Smartvid are developing technology that predicts accidents on work sites. The technology incorporates a deep-learning algorithm, and image-recognition software, according to Constructible.

According to Constructible, the technology incorporates the use of cameras on site, routinely taking shots of ongoing work throughout an active construction site. The system then analyzes the images and compares them to data, and correlates pictured conditions and actions to documented jobsite accidents. 

As a result, “it can then be put to work monitoring a new construction site and flagging situations that seem likely to lead to an accident, such as workers not wearing gloves or working too close to a dangerous piece of machinery,” according to the article.

The technology has been developed using Suffolk’s own database of images, along with a number of companies who have agreed to share their own accident data and test the technology on their job sites.

According to the article, post-accident investigation on construction sites reveal that most situations could have been avoided. This new technology aims to catch these accidents before they occur in the first place.

Source: Constructable