Tracking Enhances Fleet Performance

July 1, 2019

Within the past two decades, large corporations have adopted the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers in their business. According to NewsWire, many companies that use GPS tracking devices for their fleet report an overall increase in performance of their staff and lower costs. The article details some of the benefits including:

Increased efficiency: GPS records distance travelled, driving habits, and real-time location of your fleet. Having this information allows a manager to be proactive with resources and reduce downtime. Managers can also reallocate resources in order to serve the customer better

Cut costs: Tracking provides vital information like distance and time. With a streamlined efficiency of routing and resource allocation, businesses are able to cut fuel, labor, and communication costs.

Workplace safety: GPS tracking allows drivers to operate a machine while remaining hands off of devices like cell phones to communicate their locations while driving. Knowing a driver’s location at all times, especially during early morning and late night trips, also helps keep workers safe on the job. 

Asset management: For companies with a large fleet, asset management can quickly become overwhelming. With the management system, a manager is able to schedule maintenance without disrupting the flow of business. Better invoicing can be done with more accuracy as well, using GPS reports on how much time is spent on each job. Thefts can also be easily reported.

Source: NewsWire