Argus PLM to Increase Loading Tool Productivity

April 8, 2019

Komatsu and MineWare are launching their first factory-fitted payload management system, Argus PLM, at Bauma 2019 in Germany. Argus PLM increases loading tool productivity and efficiency, which ultimately lowers cost per ton, according to MineWare.

Argus PLM integrates into Komatsu’s Komtrax operating system and forms part of the on-board display. This delivers production information from the machine to the operator in real time. The information can also be transmitted back to the site office.

The system aims to provide mining personnel on- and off-site with greater production visibility and performance benchmarking data.

“This system adds value to every bucket load, enabling operators and supervisors to continually improve productivity and contribute to whole of mine production” Roy Pater, VP of MineWare marketing and sales, said in a press release. “Ultimately that means moving more tons for less cost.”

Source: Mineware