Cat Simulators Teach Construction Training Techniques

March 22, 2019

Simformotion, a company specializing in equipment simulator training solutions, has announced the release of the next generation Cat Simulators Advanced Dozer System for Caterpillar. The training system, built with VR NOW technology, offers a three-monitor configuration, along with a back monitor for easy viewing. It then moves and vibrates as the simulated machine interacts with the terrain.

The Advanced Dozer System includes exercises that teach dozer control familiarization, how to perform a walkaround inspection, site clearance with trees and boulders, road construction, ditch building, and more. Integrated grade control also teaches the user to follow and match a design profile throughout the exercise. An open training mode in each exercise offers opportunities for additional practice.

VR Edition is an optional accessory.

“Our customers need training to increase production, reduce costs, and teach accurate and consistent techniques. Cat Simulators are developed with feedback from real-world users and Caterpillar subject-matter experts. Combined with new programming techniques, OEM controls, and next-generation hardware, the total system provides best-in-class operator training,” Lara Aaron, VP, said in a press release.

Source: Simformotion