VIDEO: JLG App Allows Wireless Control

March 5, 2019

JLG mobile-control app enables users to drive, steer, and load R Series scissor lifts while in a stowed position.

The Mobile Control app allows operators to view the job site while moving equipment, improving safety conditions and reducing potential damage to the work environment.

The app displays all the features needed to run the scissor as if the operator was standing inside the platform. It displays the battery, machine status, and alerts personnel when the machine is operating nearby.

The app is also available for purchase as an aftermarket option, or for installation on previously purchased machines.

“Having the ability to remotely control the lift assists operators in positioning the machine into areas with low clearances, while also allowing them to choose the most suitable location from which to see obstacles on the jobsite,” Rafael Nuñez, senior product manager, said in a press release. “Additionally, the app allows machines to be loaded onto trucks at the end of the day without the need for an operator in the platform or walking next to the machine.”

Source: JLG