Topcon X-53x 3D Machine Control System

April 4, 2018

The X-53x 3D machine-control system is designed to offer a modular and easily upgradeable aftermarket solution for excavation.

It features fully integrated GR-i3 receivers for positioning of the boom, stick, and bucket at all times, as well as the MC-X1 controller, which offers compatibility with all brands and models of excavators and provides a customizable machine-control platform to address future project demands, the company says. The GR-i3 is designed as an integrated GNSS receiver and antenna all in one, and the system is engineered to be upgradeable for future excavation demands as technology becomes available. Customers operating the Topcon 2D X-52i system can easily upgrade to the X-53x by adding the GR-i3 receivers for a 3D solution.