Topcon Enhances 3D Dozer System

April 4, 2019

Topcon has updated its 3D dozer machine control system, 3D-MCMAX, introducing support for the 4-way pusher class of dozers. The inertial measurement unit (IMU) based system, without a mast needed for the blade, is now available for more machine control configurations and diverse applications.

The update also includes the introduction of an optional third IMU, available as an addition designed to improve performance on steep inclines.

“With the third IMU option, operators will take advantage of enhanced performance when moving material in environments where large inclines add challenges to the job site,” Murray Lodge, senior VP, said in a press release.

Additional new features include improved blade wear management. Lodge said, “Now, a calibrated machine can better hold its accuracy with incremental field adjustments by accounting for blade wear.”

Previously installed systems may be upgraded with the third IMU option configured.

Source: Topcon