Topcon Automates Excavator Control

April 10, 2019

Topcon X-53x automatic excavation system uses a new calibration method that communicates wirelessly via a total control station, rather than requiring an operator to type in values manually.

The system uses the same components of the original system and adds hydraulic, automated control. The system controls the depth of the excavation as well as the angle of the bucket.

“With the automatic excavation system, the risk of over digging is minimized, while productivity is maximized saving time and reducing costs,” said Murray Lodge, senior VP, construction, in a press release. “We have seen how much automated control changed the earthmoving process with our dozer systems and we expect the huge benefits of now having an automated excavator system to introduce similar benefits.”

The system is designed to be easily upgradeable from the 2D and the original 3D systems to the new fully automatic excavation package.

Source: Topcon